Office of Governor

Greg Gianforte

Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Grant (GEER)

The federal Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA), was signed into law on December 27, 2020 and provides additional funding for the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund. Montana has $3.9 million in available GEER II funds.


Application Criteria

GEER II funds will be awarded to Pre-K-12 education-related entities which have been most significantly impacted by COVID-19* . The funds must be used to prevent, prepare for, or respond to COVID-19 as it relates to the delivery of education services. Governor Gianforte is committed to expanding learning opportunities for all Montana students by bridging technology divides. To that end, GEER II funds will be awarded to Pre-K-12 education-related entities whose proposals expand internet, technology, and/or remote learning access. GEER II allocations will be made and monitored by the Montana Office of Budget & Program Planning. Proposals that are regional or statewide in reach are encouraged to maximize the impact of the GEER II funds.

Applications will be accepted until November 8, 2021.

*K-12 Public School Districts are eligible for similar funds via ESSER funding from CARES, CRRSAA, ARPA, and CRF. More information can be found here

Allowable uses

All purchases must be One-Time-Only or have an identified funding stream to pay for ongoing expenditures.

  1. Broadband connection enhancements
  2. IT hardware, software, and other technology to support remote learning or enhance digital learning in the classroom
  3. Remote learning opportunities beyond what the educational entity is currently offering
  4. Professional development related to remote instruction

Application Contents

Education entity name and other info that OBPP needs

  1. Requested grant amount [$          ]
  2. Please describe the education services that you provide.
  3. Please describe how your education services and funding have been impacted by COVID-19.
  4. If you have received funding from other sources related to COVID-19, please describe the source of the funds, the amount of funding, and how the funds were or will be used.
  5. Please describe in detail your proposal for use of GEER II funds. Your proposal should include:
    1. How you will expand internet, technology, and/or remote learning opportunities
    2. How you will address COVID-19 impacts
    3. If this is new programming or supplementing existing programming
    4. The students that will be served (ie: number of students, ages, other relevant demographic info).
    5. The geographic area that you will be serving
    6. Any partners that will assist in implementing your proposal
    7. Anticipated goals, outcomes, and metrics for measuring success
    8. If the proposal is one-time-only expenditures or will require ongoing funding. If ongoing funding is required, state the source and duration of identified funding.
    9. Timeline for use of GEER II funding (funds will be allocated to grantees by January 2022 and must be obligated by September 30, 2023.)
  6. Please fill out and attach the Certification Form to the application.

Questions can be directed to Dylan Klapmeier, Governor’s Education Policy Advisor, 406-444-3188 or Nancy Hall, Budget Analyst, Governor's Office of Budget and Program Planning, 406-444-4899.