More Effective Government


  1. Made responsible fiscal management a top priority by insisting on a balanced budget, that leaves a responsible ending fund balance that ensures Montana is prepared for unexpected challenges
  2. Made critical investments into the full spectrum of mental health services across montana
  3. Put Montana's checkbook online, so residents can see how their tax dollars are being spent
  4. Cracked down on dark money groups that seek to influence Montana elections without disclosing where they're getting their money and how they're spending it
  5. Brough Montana taxpayer dollars back from the federal government to expand health access to our friends, neighbors, and family members, while throwing a lifeline to the state's rural hospitals
  6. Took steps to improve protection of Montana's most vulnerable residents, including children and seniors
  7. Fixed Montana's ailing public employee pension system without raising taxes or cutting services
  8. Reduced interest rates on local government infrastructure projects, saving taxpayers millions of dollars
  9. Brought forward a made in Montana plan to ensure the sage grouse remains under state management and prevents its listing under the Endangered Species Act


Energy Efficiency in State Government

Governor Bullock understands that promoting energy efficiency in the state not only saves taxpayers dollars, but also helps to protect the quality of life we all enjoy. Through innovations at the state's data center, Montanans have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Bullock also called on his cabinet agencies to begin publicly disclosing energy usages, so Montanans will know how the state is conserving energy. These energy usage statistics will help to guide energy efficiency measures in state government. View these energy statistics at:

SMART Schools Challenge

Lt. Gov. McLean's SMART Schools Challenges are aimed at saving schools money and promoting health by encouraging energy efficiency, conservation, waste reducation, and green practices in schools across the state. 

Schools in the U.S. spend more than $6 billion a year on energy costs, and cite their energy bill as being one of their largest expenses. By implementing a few simple changes, Montana schools will be able to save money, which can be used to educate our children.

Learn more about the SMART Schools Challenge at: