Better Education


  1. Made historic investments in public education
  2. Froze tuition at Montana colleges and universities
  3. Expanded dual enrollment opportunities, and improved access to career training programs for Montana high school students
  4. Improved access to school breakfast programs in Montana public schools, ensuring that 40,000 more students start every day ready to learn with a healthy breakfast
  5. Secured funding to expand access to high-quality early childhood education in 16 Montana communities
  6. Created the Governor's STEM Scholarship to provide financial assistance to students pursing an education in science, technology, enginering or math


Early Edge

Governor Steve Bullock understands that if we want to have a workforce that can compete for the jobs of tomorrow, we must invest in the children of today. This is why he launched his Early Edge campaign to bring high-quality, universally available, early childhood education to Montana 4-year olds. 

The benefits of high-quality early childhood programs are clear:

  1. For every dollar we invest in these programs we save $7-$9 in reduced costs in remediation, public services, and incarceration
  2. Children who aren't ready for kindergarten are 50 percent less likely to read proficiently by 3rd grade
  3. 90 percent of a child's brain development occurs before the age of 5

Despite this, Montana is one of only 8 states with no publicly-funded pre-kindergarten option.

Learn more about Governor Bullock's Early Edge campaign at:

Complete College Montana

Governor Bullock recognizes that having a talented and trained workforce is the key to a strong economy, which is why he laid out the ambitious goal of increasing the number of Montanans with a complete college degree or career certificate from 40 to 60 percent over the next decade. By increasing the number of Montanans with degrees it will help businesses expand with confidence, knowing that they have a workforce that can fill the jobs that are most in demand.

Through this effort, Montana is:

  1. Implementing performance funding in Montana University System schools
  2. Improving developmental education for students who enter postsecondary institutions underprepared
  3. Increasing dual enrollment opportunities for high school students to earn college credit
  4. Creating guided pathways and academic maps to help students graduate on time
  5. Improving data collection to ensure Montana is achieving its goals