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UPDATE: Governor Bullock Takes More Steps to Support Equal Pay for Equal Work

More than 100 Montana businesses have taken the pledge since Governor Bullock announced new initiatives to close the gender wage gap in Montana last week

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Last week, Governor Steve Bullock and Lt. Governor Mike Cooney visited several Montana communities to highlight new actions taken to advance equal pay in Montana to support hard-working Montana women, their families, and a growing economy. These actions include:

  • An Executive Order incentivizing best equal pay practices for businesses that do business with the State of Montana;
  • An Equal Pay Hotline (1-844-550-FAIR)
  • A Statewide “Equal Pay MT” pledge and sticker campaign to raise community awareness about equal pay.

“Narrowing the wage gap for Montana women not only boosts their earning potential, it strengthens Montana working families and opens up opportunities for a new generation of women in the workforce. Montanans believe in a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and these initiatives give us more tools to ensure we are doing everything we can to close the wage gap across the state.” -Governor Steve Bullock, August 1, 2016

ICYMI: Even more new tools from the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force

Over the past several months, based on the recommendations of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force, Governor Bullock also rolled out several new resources intended to help businesses and employers across Montana reach their economic potential and support women and their families in the workplace.

One of those resources is a Self-Audit Pay Primer, which includes an introduction to examining pay equity in the workplace, sample self-audit questions, and a list of resources for more information. The Task Force intends to build out the self-audit pay primer into a larger tool kit for employers in the coming year (so stay tuned!)

Another new resources is a guide for employers called “Recruit your way to Success,” which contains a list of practical ways to hire a diverse and high-performing team. Topics include: jobs postings, broadening the applicant pool and tips on evaluating candidates.

Both resources – and those to come – recognize that everything from strong recruiting practices to evaluating existing practices can help businesses and families succeed in Montana.

Those resources, and more, can be found online at




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