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Governor Bullock Recognizes June 27 as Innovate Day 2017

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Governor Steve Bullock Tuesday announced that June 27 is being recognized as Innovate Day 2017, to celebrate the small business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who continue to move Montana’s economy forward.

“Montana was built by innovators,” Governor Bullock said, “that was true 100 years ago and it’s true today. From high tech inventors to Main Street revitalizers, Montanans have a unique ability to turn ideas into opportunities.”

Innovate Day 2017 is in advance of Governor Bullock’s second annual Innovate Montana Symposium, July 12-13 in Billings. The Innovate Montana Symposium was launched by Governor Bullock’s Main Street Montana Project to bring business leaders across the state together to grow businesses, train and educate Montana’s workforce, increase economic opportunities and encourage innovation.

For information about attending the Innovate Montana Symposium, visit

Click here to read Governor Bullock’s letter recognizing June 27 as Innovate Day 2017.


Travis Peterson says it’s thrilling to be part of the craft beer movement, especially with his Montana-made product. Peterson owns Meadowlark Brewing in Sidney, Mont. “Community is what you’re talking about with our state. A lot of pride comes from the people of Montana because we’re using local ingredients. Montana barley, Montana water and Montana hops.” Watch Meadowlark Brewing’s story.

Chris Arrasmith and his business partner launched a company that could revolutionize how diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are studied – and potentially treated -- with optics technology. Revibro Optics makes high-speed flexible mirrors for use in microscopes and other optical instruments. “Every tech company that can start in Montana and be maintained in Montana is in Montana’s interest,” Arrasmith says. “Perhaps [the] biggest impact locally, [is] changing the story from we make wheat to we make wheat and a bunch of cool science stuff.” Read Revibro’s story.

Montana is the headquarters for Mamalode, a parenting magazine that has turned into a growing media company. Mamalode now reaches parents in all 50 states and 10 other countries. Co-founder Elke Govertson says she never expected a major parenting media company to come out of Montana. “To me, Montana is the backdrop of the big dream, whether that’s for my family or for my business.” Watch Mamalode’s story.


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