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Governor Bullock: DISCLOSE Act decision ‘shines sunlight on the shadows of dark money’

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Helena, MT – Governor Steve Bullock today hailed Federal District Judge Dana Christensen’s decision to uphold the Montana Disclose Act, which the governor signed into law on April 22, 2015.  Governor Bullock worked with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to pass the Disclose Act to require the disclosure of donors to independent group spending money on state-level elections.

"This isn't a political issue for Montanans, it's common sense," Bullock said.  "That's why we brought Republicans and Democrats together to pass this important law which shines sunlight on the shadows of dark money, and I’m pleased the court joins us in seeing it that way.”

The law requires that any group that spends money or resources to influence an election within 60 days of when voting begins must disclose how they are spending that money and the source of the money.

Since taking office, Governor Bullock has fought to keep dark money out of politics and championed measures to increase transparency in Montana’s elections.

  • Montana has since received an “A” rating on the 2016 national scorecard for disclosure practices governing direct contributions to state candidates, state political parties, and committees that support or oppose any kind of statewide ballet question from,
  • As Attorney General, Bullock led the effort to preserve Montana’s 100-year-old Corrupt Practices Act, taking the case for the state’s citizen democracy all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. His office defended Montana’s campaign finance limits and disclosure laws against a wave of lawsuits filed by American Traditions Partnership and other dark money groups.
  • Governor Bullock has been called “the biggest threat to Citizens United,” and remains committed to ensuring Montana’s elections are the most transparent in the nation.

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