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Governor Bullock Calls on Legislators to Pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Solution

Governor Bullock: “The clock is ticking, and Montana can’t afford to wait”

Monday, March 20, 2017/Categories: Governor's Office/Tags:

Montana Governor Steve Bullock today urged Republican and Democratic legislators to work across the aisle to pass a fiscally responsible infrastructure bill that would create thousands of jobs for Montanans and to find a bipartisan long-term funding solution to ensure future generations of Montanans continue to have safe communities, quality public schools, and reliable infrastructure.

I’m hopeful the legislature is able to craft a bipartisan infrastructure proposal. But they need to take action soon so we can finally break ground on shovel ready projects and put folks to work,” said Governor Bullock. “I don’t care who gets credit. I – like most Montanans – care about results. And it’s past time the legislature gets an infrastructure bill to my desk. The clock is ticking, and Montana can’t afford to wait.”

At the beginning of the 65th Legislative Session, Governor Bullock proposed a $292 million investment in infrastructure financed through a responsible mix of cash and bonds. The proposal includes Long-Range Building, the Treasure State Endowment Program, Renewable Resource Grants, Resource Development Grants, Quality Schools program investments, and direct loans and grants to local governments.

Bullock also proposed a long-term solution to Montana’s infrastructure funding through the creation of the Build Montana Trust. The Trust would direct coal severance tax revenues into a new sub-trust within the coal tax trust fund to finance infrastructure investments for future generations of Montanans.


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