SMART Challenges


Challenge Procedure

The SMART Schools Challenge is divided into 3 sub-challenges – SMART Energy Challenge, SMART Green Schools Challenge, and SMART Recycling Challenge. K-12 Montana public schools may enroll in one, two, or all three of the sub-challenges by submitting a SMART Schools Application before October 31, 2016 – applications are included below. Participating schools will implement projects between November and the end of March, before submitting a final report summarizing accomplishments by April 3, 2017. Schools that fail to submit a final report will NOT be considered for prizes.


For each of the three sub-challenges, schools will be divided into four equal groups based on student populations. Groupings may not correspond with district classifications. A grading committee will then review final applications and select 12 champion SMART schools.


Champion schools will receive a $1,000 cash prize and statewide recognition from the Lieutenant Governor.

SMART Schools Energy Challenge

The SMART Schools Energy Challenge is for schools working to save money by conserving energy while increasing energy awareness. Potential projects include establishing an energy management plan, completing an energy retrofit, creating a student energy police, integrating energy into the curricula, and much more. Click here for the Energy Challenge Application.


SMART Schools Green Challenge

The SMART Green Schools Challenge gives schools the flexibility to work on a wide range of projects. Schools can implement initiatives to make their facility healthier for all building occupants, increase resource conservation awareness, or pursue other projects not directly related to energy or waste reduction. Click here for the Green Challenge Application.

SMART Schools Recycling Challenge

The SMART Recycling Challenge is for schools that recycle, compost, or work to reduce the amount of waste they produce. SMART Recycling Schools monitor the amount of waste they recycle, compost, or divert from landfills, while educating students, teachers, and communities about the importance of waste reduction. New and established waste reduction programs are welcomed. Click here for the Recycling Challenge Application.